"Listen. If you are longing for a change, the doorway is already there. On some level you can sense what is ahead of you, that is why you feel a longing for something greater. From this perspective, what you long for is, in fact, already here.

All you need to do is step into it. Stepping forward into the unknown is vulnerable, but vulnerability is actually the doorway to greater dimensions of awakening, fulfillment, purpose, power and Love. 

The one thing that is required for you to step forward is surrender. Surrender deeply inside your heart.

Step forward, I will meet you there."

I am a firm believer that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Perhaps you are really "ready" as you find yourself here, right here, right now, reading these very words on my site. I believe that a true master teacher will always bring their students into a place where there is an opportunity for expansion and change, that they are ready for - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A wise teacher leads their student through their darkness (where all their potential lies) and into the light when the time is just right. So to me, the most important qualities in a teacher are: 

  • Prioritizing their own inner alignment to themselves (their Truth) and the wellspring of wisdom unearthed there.

  • Their own surrendering open as a channel to allow something bigger than their own knowledge base to move through them as teachings.

  • Devotionally offering their gifts, talents and abilities all in support of the expansion of their students hearts, minds, bodies and spirits along the Great Work of dissolving the ego and awakening the consciousness.

Having studied under a master teacher in the Yoga world for many years, I know firsthand what it is like to surrender to someone’s guidance and wisdom who is further ahead on the journey. One of the things that stands out about the teacher/student dynamic is that this surrendering doesn’t occur unless there is absolute trust. 


So here's my TRUTH. I understand that undertaking the Great Work of dissolving the ego and awakening your consciousness will be difficult. My own journey through the darkness, unlocking my potential, healing the wounds of my heart and awakening to the remembrance of both Love and the Infinite Self within wasn’t (and still the hell isn't) easy, and nothing happened overnight. But profound things did happen, and I am here today living a life that was beyond my wildest of imaginations. Not in an egotistical way in which I have millions of dollars and was swooped off my feet by Prince Charming. But in the sense that I, deep within my heart, can connect to the I AM essence, that place inside of us all that is profoundly fulfilled, deeply at peace, abundantly joyful and absolutely free. The I AM is Love. 

I was incredibly blessed to have support along my journey. I had an extremely wise woman who sat in the seat of a therapist in the beginning but actually morphed into my primary teacher on how to grow into and embody the Truth of who I am inside. Amongst the countless blessing my time with her brought to my life, her remarkable presence taught me by example how to witness, listen and hold space for others swimming through their darkness and emotional discomfort.

I also had an amazing Yoga teacher who has taught me over countless hours the beauty of alignment, the wisdom of Tantric and Vedantic philosophies and how to safely lead people to their edge with compassion, depth of heart and enthusiasm. Just his presence - his embodiment of the teachings - has continually inspired me to fully integrate and live my Yoga from the inside out.

Later along my journey, the world orchestrated a meeting with an energy psychologist that radically changed everything. Through many sessions and studying his methods for years I unlocked my own channel to access healing gifts that I have continued to refine and sharpen. Accessing my channel for Divine healing energy has allowed me to support my students at a whole new level. I can now not only advocate for "Self-powered" healing but also teach others how to open to this for themselves.

These are just a few of the many "teachers" that have dramatically helped me along my journey. Although they all have different "titles" - therapist, yoga master, energy psychologist - through my eyes they are all my teachers. 

At the end of the day, regardless of what I do in my waking hours as offerings in the form of books, classes, sessions, etc, my mission for being here is to help awaken the consciousness in those who have chosen to sit before me. I'm not here to sell you on me, a workshop, a book or heaven-forbid a coaching program. There are plenty of those people out here. That path is not mine. Every single one of my "teachers" I chose to sit in front of them and absorb their wisdom and teachings. I believe every student must make this choice for themselves. If you choose to sit in front of me, know I am honored to share the teachings and hold the student/teacher dynamic sacred within my heart. 

I understand that the road to this magical place of enlightenment and the remembrance of Love isn't the same for every person so I cannot predict what will unfold for you. But I can promise you, that mirroring my own teacher's philosophies, I will witness your journey from the darkness into the light...from the unreal to real. 

My approach to teaching is bold. I have to warn you. But it is always, and I want to emphasize always, coming from a place of alignment, Truth, and supported by a remembrance of Divine Love and Joy. Whether in person or reading my words, I predict you will laugh and you will cry. There will be moments of tension, maybe even moments when you strongly disagree with my spoken or written word. Good! These teachings aren't given to make you a mini me, but rather to help awaken your consciousness so you can step into the truest expression of your Eternal Being. This is the path of inner illumination. 

At the end of it all, I promise you that learning to take responsibility for your experience and harnessing your deep-seated power to heal your brokenheartedness and clear your energy will in fact help to dissolve the Ego and awaken your consciousness...which will lead you to peace, bliss and ultimate freedom. Namaste.

Come with me. Remember, if there is a longing in your heart for change, the door is already there.