Podcast: Tantra - Opening Beyond Body + Mind

We must learn to be strong at heart when we are put under pressure. The philosophy of Tantra is one we can adopt to support us in opening up beyond body and mind when we’re over the discomfort created by prolonged periods of “pressure” - whether that’s pressure to perform, pressure to provide, pressure to stay or pressure go. Lex helps listeners by providing a new perspective to adopt the next time they find themselves under the pressure of transformation and awakening.

Podcast: Follow Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell said the secret to life is to "Follow Your Bliss." Sounds simple enough, eh? Lex points out that this "following of bliss" has much more to do with ancient Indian Philosophy than it does with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll! Tune in to this episode to learn how following your bliss as it relates to your "dharma" will lead to living a life of ultimate fulfillment.

Podcast: Mumukshutvam - The Desire to End All Desires

The mind will constantly present to us desire after desire, encouraging us to believe that if we get what we want on the other side of it we will be happy, content and free. Except the mind will never set us free and is actually the very reason we feel trapped to begin with. Lex speaks to the teaching of mumukshutvam which is said to be the one desire that actually ends all desires, and in turn sets you free.

Podcast: Decisions - Seeking Happiness vs. Remembering Peace

Have you ever considered what the primary motivating force is behind the decisions you make? Lex breaks down the difference between navigating in life moment by moment choosing what will make you happy in the now vs. what will restore your remembrance of the deep realm of peace lying with you. Tune in to learn how to get off the dramatic rollercoaster of happiness and return your awareness to consistently abide in the peace within you.

My AMMAzing Travels

Ya know somethings you just can’t plan for.🤷🏻‍♀️ If you would have asked me a few years ago if I would dedicate my extra spending money to traveling around the US (and really the world) just to sit in the same room as a Saint from India…I would have told you exactly what I told a friend back then. “I mean, I see myself making it a habit of going once a year or something.” ☝🏻

My friend laughed at me and said, “Yeah we’ll see.” For she saw in me something that I hadn’t even acknowledged within myself. That’s the beautiful thing about relationships ya know, they reflect to us all the things we wish we could see, hhahah and all the things we avoid looking at. 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️ A mirror simply reflects. It’s unbiased. My relationship with this Saint from India is exactly the same.

I planned to see this woman called Amma – her nickname “The Hugging Saint” – a few times this summer. Yet after each city I attended I’d come home, beyond blissed out and sleep deprived, and after a night or two of sleep, I felt the call to go back. So I would hop on a plane and go. Each time thinking that it would be enough. But it’s never enough! Why? 

It’s never enough because who is tired of true, compassionate love? Who is tired of being seen right through? Like in the way you’ve been dying your whole life for someone to look at you, but at the same time you’re beyond terrified of being seen that way? To show someone your beautiful potential alongside your ugliness, handing it over “Ugh…here ya go.” 😫🥴 Taking off your mask and allowing yourself to be totally exposed and undefended, and for that someone to pull you into their arms and hold you anyway!! Come on, that’s not some ordinary human love. For this someone to wipe your tears. To kiss your cheek. To whisper comforting words. To make you laugh with just a facial expression when you’ve made a mistake. Who is ever tired of feeling for a split second that you are the very center of the entire Universe? 

Not me. 

In my five cities in five weeks with Amma I road an incredible rollercoaster. Like a teeter totter rocking back and forth between mind-blowing transcendental moments of awakening, and hitting rock bottom with some incredibly embarrassing, regretful, shameful, guilt-ridden, sad, heart-heavy stuff. (This was no vacation😆) And yet the little glimpses of TRUTH, those revelations when I saw everything SO clearly, although far less in number, still outweigh all the human consciousness “shit.” Which only proves to me how valuable this time is for me to sit in her presence.  Even though smaller in number, the revelations make the wild ride worth it.  

All in all…I leave Amma’s yearning to go right back, hahah but I don’t think my digestion can take anymore chocolate cake and chai. 😆

Love is such a miraculously beautiful thing…it always invites us – hahahah and in moments shoves us – towards opening in the places we didn’t even know we were closed. To trust where we are afraid. It turns on a light in the most darkened corners of our minds and hearts. Love inspires us to go beyond what rationality tells us is possible. Love holds the entirety of who we are in this moment without judgement. Love calls us into our own strength. It reminds us that we are capable when we doubt. Love cleanses our hurts with both tenderness and wisdom. The ups and down, the highs the lows, the mistakes, the blessings…Love has a way of making it all perfect in the end, and every step of the way worthwhile.  

I can’t help but tear up as I write this, cause real true love, beyond the egoic lens we all look through, is the substance, the fabric, the matter that makes everything else MATTER. 


Podcast: Living in the Sweet Spot

We often times think that in order to make our dreams come true, to be fulfilled in life, and achieve those things we deeply desire, that we must cultivate incredible willpower to "get shit done." Lex offers an alternative perspective to willpower and that instead of it being an "action" orientated quality, it can be an "attitudinal" quality. And then this attitudinal shift can help we balance our willpower with surrender, and drop us right into the sweet spot we're all dying to get to.

Podcast: Fortitude - Going From Grit to Glow

The quality of fortitude is essential for those of us embarking on the inner path, it is what helps us to persevere through the gritty/uncomfortable moments of growing on the inside, leading us to the final "glow" moment of awakening and transformation. Lex touches upon the ancient energetic system of "the gunas" to paint a picture of what inner growth actually looks like.

Podcast: The Trappings of the Mind

The mind is never satisfied. Never. It is the conditioning of the mind causing us to favor our personal sensitivities and preferences instead of accepting the moment unfolding before us. Lex speaks on how true freedom isn't escaping through the mind (or getting what you want!) but rather bringing to the moment whatever the moment is calling forth in you.

Podcast: Flow

All of us cherish the times of our lives when we are in "flow," when the moments unfold effortlessly and we feel aligned with ourselves, those around us and life itself. Then there are the times we experience being out of flow and we are presented with problem after problem. Lex offers a fresh perspective regarding how to view all the problems of our lives, which will actually support us all into getting back into the flow.

Podcast: The Power of Perspective

We oftentimes end up clinging to our "truth" regardless of whether or not it is an accurate and complete perception of the ultimate reality. Perception is extremely important for even false perceptions create your reality and when we perceive in error oftentimes the result is some degree of suffering, tightness or disillusion. Lex dives into how we can practice "perceiving" correctly in just a simple step.

Podcast: Letting Go

How many times have you wished you could just "let go" in an instant? Letting go is one of those mysterious things that you can't necessarily think your way through or force to happen when you want it to. In this episode Lex dives deep into four important points that will help you let go inside and out.

Podcast: Polishing Your Diamond Heart

Instead of crumbling under pressure, Lex talks us through the alternative of utilizing the pressure arising in a moment to clean and polish the facets of one's eternally flawless, diamond heart. Lex uses the analogy of viewing the True Self as a diamond, helping us to realize the Truth that no matter what unfolds in our lives, the Truth of who we are remains priceless and brilliant.

The Deep Geek Podcast

Well friends - it’s been a long journey towards releasing this podcast.🤪 Hahah longer than expected! 🙄 I’ve been working on it behind the scenes for almost a year and finally we’re getting there. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And yes, I do mean “WE” as I have had a lot of help and support with the production of this podcast.

Justin: Your heart is one that is full of service. It’s one of your greatest strengths - remember that always.🐒Thank you for encouraging me to do this, for literally holding my hand through this…ahahah and even dragging me forward in moments. 😆 A single episode wouldn’t exist without your help and support. You’re a true friend…inside out, and upside down.

Aaron + McKenna: Thank you both for pushing me over the finish line!!! Not just the technical side of things, but what truly motivated me was the quality of presence and care both of you recently offered me. That’s the support I really cherish. (PS: You guys always make my job sooooo easy!)

Adam: You might have thought I’ve forgotten but no no no…thank you for correcting me that night I told you I was a geek, and you called me a “DEEP Geek.” You were spot on! Thank you for seeing me so clearly.

One thing I have learned over the four books I’ve written, is that when you create an offering from the very depths of your heart, the whole process is actually more of an inner journey than an outer. With each book I wrote, it had less to do with what was being written on the page and more to do with becoming the author that would eventually write that specific book. And sometimes that takes time!

The same is true for this podcast. It took some time to launch the episodes, not because they weren’t ready to go, but because I wasn’t ready to go. But guess what baby?! I’m ready!!!

So here we go guys…kick back, relax, take a deep breath and prepare to dive deep with me each week as we geek out on the path of Yoga, the philosophical teachings of the masters, and the journey of opening our innermost hearts.

The Deep Geek Podcast is a place where Lex offers a contemporary approach to awakened living.

Lex isn’t just any old geek. As a spiritual teacher and author, Lex geeks out on the DEEP philosophical teachings that pertain to our psychological wellbeing, the fulfillment of our hearts, and ultimately, enlightenment. She discusses the "old skool" teachings in a way that weaves easily into one’s modern day life. Listeners receive a well-balanced, inspired dose of insight and wisdom to support their own paths of awakening and self-realization.

Dive deep with Lex each week and geek out on eastern philosophy, the path of yoga and other relevant spiritual teachings.


Blessings for 2019

I’m not someone who is for or against New Year’s resolutions, yet I do find it important to pay attention to the energy one places behind whatever intention or commitment they make. When we make choices or take actions that come from a limited or constricted place within us our intentions are essentially meaningless.

An intention or commitment is just like a yoga posture - and as I continually remind my students, the poses themselves are meaningless. Absolutely f’in meaningless!! Basically they are shapes we take with the body that we have assigned English animal names to (WTF, right?). BUT…what makes them meaningful is YOU. It is when you fully embody the pose within a moment do you find meaning on the mat.

It is the same with any intention or commitment, they are meaningless unless you allow there to be a genuine movement from the heart behind them, which is the force that brings them ALIVE.

Remind yourself why you are making your intention or commitment, not once on January 1st, but in all the simple moments of your day. Allow this “why” to emerge from the spaciousness and unparalleled power of your heart so that when you do face adversity or shit hits the fan, you have the movement of the heart BEHIND your intention and commitment to carry you through. There is no greater power than the power of the heart, so please sweet friends, whatever it is you do, invest a movement from the heart into it. And just watch, you’ll come alive in ways you would have never expected.

As for me, well…if I had to choose an intention for 2019 it would be the same honest wish I have for you. For us all to COME FULLY ALIVE. How do we do that? To allow the truthfilled movement of our hearts to be our primary guide.

When you remind yourself of what is meaningful to you, you will become automatically connected to the cave of your heart - the infinite temple within.

Here is a New Year’s blessing I wrote, which will be included in my new book - Auspicious Openings (back from the editor, waiting on the cover - yay). These words are my gift to you, because what is meaningful to me as a teacher, is to inspire my students to clear their minds where they are blocked or agitated. To release in their bodies where they feel tight and trapped. And above all else, to soften where they feel hardened so they may open their hearts wherever they feel closed.

This year, come alive with me and “lets go somewhere wonderful we could have never imagined.”


lex xox


A New Year’s Blessing


As you close the chapter of another year,

Take note that every closing is actually an opening.

For now, you metaphorically say goodbye to a year that has come and gone,

Yet deep down nothing is leaving you.

For years come and go, 

Just like the waves rise and fall in the infinite sea, 

Yet you lose nothing by it all.


As you scan the horizon with your gaze,

Drinking in the resplendence of this year’s last setting sun, 

May a wellspring of eagerness, excitement,

And auspicious wonder overtake you.

There is a new adventure that awaits...

It is here.

Open your heart to it.

You are ready.

This new adventure is called 2019.

So open extra-wide, embrace the unknown and

Welcome the possibility of being surprised & delighted!

 Let’s go somewhere wonderful we could have never imagined.


And in this New Year,

May each step you take be on a golden-lit path.

May each hand you hold feel the warmth of your compassion.

May each word you speak spread kindness & clarity.

May each thought that surfaces come from the remembrance of

Who you really are...

An infinite ocean, that loses nothing from the passing waves at sea.

And each day when your eyes open, 

May you embark on the adventure of a new day with reverence, humility & fortitude.



May you find patience in the moments when you are quick to act.

May you find wisdom in places you feel disillusioned.

May you find strength in situations where you identify with fragility.

May you find courage to stay OPEN when your heart wants to close.


And most importantly, 

May you see only Love everywhere you look.