Accept Your Missions

I find myself once again being called back in thought and emotion to a few weekends ago that I spent in the desert. And no, it isn’t because I hurt my back while staying in Palm Springs, trying to keep up with the senior citizens in a Pilates reformer class. Even though the physical pain and damage to my ego still lingers and haunts me at night, my attachment to the desert is more about my spiritual relationship with it than my physical.

There is something magical about the vastness of the desert that whispers sweetly to my edges, encouraging them to soften, and luring my spirit out into the open. I feel so alive, connected and receptive to divine communication, guidance and inspiration. Ha, wish I had received divine guidance to avoid that darn Pilates class.

As I’ve been laying around waiting for my back to heal, I’ve floated off a few times into thought about this special hike I have taken the last few times I stayed in the Palm Springs area.

 It was serendipitous actually how I stumbled upon this specific trail the first time. A few months back, I was going about my normal business in the desert, when out of the blue, clear as a ringing bell, I heard “Go to Von’s tomorrow afternoon.” (For those unfamiliar with Von’s, it’s a chain grocery store.)

 Yes, for some of you that might seem bizarre or strange that I actually “hear” divine guidance as if someone was seated right next to me instructing me where to go and what to do. Yet to me, it has happened SO many times now, that I never doubt it and I simply “accept” it wholeheartedly.  

 The last time I had heard this voice, I was sitting on the beach on Maui. I was directed to walk up to the Four Seasons. So I did. I sat and ordered a margarita and some fish tacos. I waited for about 30 minutes, enjoying my beverage and food, and as I slurped my last sip of tequila, placing the glass back down on the bar I asked, “Okay…you led me here…why?”

 In that exact moment, a man walked up to the bar. He was, well…let’s say, very “charismatic.” That’s my polite way of introducing him as LOUD. I finished my food, paid my tab, and without a moment of hesitation, I got right up from seat, walked over to him on the other side of the bar and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Lex.”

 There was nothing to question or consider – I knew that I was called to that location to meet this man. Now over 6 months later, he has proven to be someone that I honestly enjoy each moment we get to spend together and am positive that we are destined to share some time and space in this life.

 So here I am in the desert, receiving the same crystal clear guidance and direction as I did on the beach. Remembering the blessings that came through trusting my inner GPS back on Maui, I couldn’t wait to embark on this new journey.

 The next afternoon rolled around and I, as instructed the previous day, got in my car and started driving to where I “thought” Von’s was located. I decided to forego using the GPS on my phone since I was being called into what felt like a “mission” and figured it would be much more fun to navigate using only my intuition. And yes, I did say “more fun” – oh the way us spiritual seekers seek out thrill, risk and adrenaline rushes.

 Turns out, I found Von’s easily and parked right up front. I sat for a moment in my car and thought, “Oh, maybe…what if…am I about to meet the love of my life?” “Or maybe my all time favorite football player?” “Superman?!” Immediately I was injected with a vibrancy of energy and enthusiasm. I busted out of my car and headed into Von’s.

 I bought a bottle of water. Nothing else happened.

 As I got back into my car, I was intrigued at my boring mission I was called to go on. Things just didn’t add up. I slowly drove out of the backside of the parking lot and I began to notice a bunch of cars parked up a dirt road to the side of the business complex. I then realized that people were hiking up a trail into the mountains.

 “THAT’S WHY I’M HERE!” Everything made perfect, complete sense in that moment. I was being called to scale a mountain in the morning! And that’s exactly what I did. I woke up bright and early the next day, grabbed my dog and headed to the trail.

 About 45 minutes into my excursion, I noticed that King, my dog, was getting tired and that the sun was rising quickly. I stopped walking and took a moment to ground with the Earth, the energy around me and I opened up to receive further guidance. Something like this: “Uhhh…okay, I’m here…why?????”

 I immediately got a hit that I should keep going. So I did, like I said, “These days I don’t second guess this guidance.” Within 2 minutes I rounded a corner and came to a point that overlooked the whole desert. It was breathtaking! But the part that literally brought me to tears was a giant heart someone made with stones at the very edge of the plateau.

 I entered the heart and plopped down at the bottom point of it. I sat there and took in the expansiveness of the desert before me and immediately felt enveloped in love. The energy of that specific place was hypnotic even for King, as he simply sat in the heart motionless and appeared to be meditating (that is if dogs could meditate).

 As I sat in the formation of the heart, with my own heart opening to the land and sky before me, I felt saturated by unconditional love. That moment became a reminder that divine guidance is always available to me, and if I simply slow down, listen and “accept my missions,” I will be led to grand experiences of true love and unforgettable moments that will forever be cherished in the memory bank of my own being.

 Sometimes it’s easy for us to feel separate from the great universal One. It’s only natural to forget the Truth that we could never really be lost…ever. That the only reason we feel disconnected from our Source is because we are disconnected from ourselves.

 I have put all of my trust into the path of self-connecting practices, such as yoga and meditation, and have experienced such profound healing of the bridge that spans between my everyday human experiences and the auspicious divinity all around me. Through continual commitment to following my own inner guidance system (even in crazy moments when I’m being instructed to go to some supermarket I typically never step foot in or walk up to a complete stranger and introduce myself), that once distant divinity has now become palpable in each moment of my life.

 Learn from me, and all the MANY times I refused to listen to the divine guidance flowing within me – trust yourself. I’ll say it again – TRUST YOURSELF. The little whispers of your heart, the callings of your wildest dreams, the anxiety that swells from abandoning yourself, the love that pulsates between you and those you cherish, the echo of Truth inside yourself…TRUST them all.

 You have the best GPS ever created inside yourself. It leads you in one direction every time you tune into it. It is always, without fail, leading you to live a life where you shine in the light of your ultimate potential. Where you are free to allow love, happiness and prosperity to overflow into each day. A life where you are the best custodian to your gifts, talents and abilities and experience reciprocity from the world in exchange for your offerings.

 This life I speak of is a harmonious life, a magical life, a fun life, a life that fulfills every corner of your heart. A life that feels so fulfilled you couldn’t even imagine a better day, yet the next day unfolds with greater meaning and joy. This guidance system will always lead you above and beyond your wildest dreams. It is yours and only yours, so listen, trust yourself…and accept your missions. You can only win.


 Let’s keep this simple, ‘cause the Truth is…guidance is always streaming below the mental plane. There’s just endless chatter interrupting its signal. The best way to access it is to slow down, sit in silence, drop below the fluctuations of the mind, and open to the wellspring of guidance inside of you.

 Set your timer for 10 minutes and simply open to what’s there.

If you would like to download a free 10 minute meditation designed to help you slow down and open to your inner GPS, please download it here.