Embracing Our Humanness

One of my primary intentions for 2016 is to integrate the expansion I experience in both the spiritual and earthly realms of my life – to bring these two realms together harmoniously and in balance. Through this focus, I already have come to intimately understand and appreciate the true power in embracing not just my spiritual essence, but also my humanness.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Once we get a taste, or an awakening of our inner essence, the spiritual aspect of who we really are, it isn’t uncommon for people to forget that at the end of the day, we are here to have a “human” experience! To me, these past few months of 2016 have really taught me to fully embrace my humanness (as well as love and value other's) in moments of joy and discomfort and everything in-between. By doing so, I have actually opened up to a greater access of spiritual wisdom, guidance and insight. Imagine that? By embracing my humanness, more revelations of Truth have unfolded.

This perspective of choosing to fully embrace my humanness has been so impactful in the playground of relationship. The Truth is, no matter how much time two individuals spend in “spirit” or in the remembrance of their “spiritual essence,” they are still coming together in this physical realm – coming together in human form.

In relationship, we spend a hell of a lot of time in the physical plane. This is one of the many beautiful blessings of our human experience – one to be embraced, rather than transcended. Just as we remember to view everyone through the eyes of Oneness, seeing whoever is sitting in front of us as an angel, I believe it is also powerful to accept their humanness right alongside their divinity.

By transcending the human experience we are in a way missing the whole f’in point of being here!

I believe the philosophy and teachings of Yoga can greatly support our embracing of our humanness, experience this magical physical plane in relationship with our selves and others while also remembering our spiritual essence. This is why we come to the mat, why we sit on our cushions, and why we breathe deeply and consciously throughout the day. Because Yoga works!

These practices help us live as an embodiment of spirit - grounding the spiritual aspect of our selves in the human, physical world. This is Union…Connection…this sweet friend, is the play of Yoga.

When we live embracing our humanness alongside our divinity, I believe we open our hearts and eyes for the Truth to be revealed. We can finally stop searching for guidance, direction, insight, clarity, and inspiration. There is nothing to seek. This embodiment of Spirit in our humanness allows us to be right here, right now in a state of total presence.

This is when our relationships magically transform - when we first meet presence to presence, and then person to person. 

By embracing the world of form, the physical embodiment all of us human beings are experiencing, in a way it gives us permission to simply be who we are without judgement...flaws and all. We are all works in progress. There is no need to compare ourselves or our beloveds, friends and family to the perfect, spiritually enlightened individual. Our relationships deepen with ourselves and others when we fully embrace each other's divinity and humanness simultaneously. We get to be human...it's apart of the journey. Celebrate it both within yourself and others.