Resolution or Ego Trap?

I was asked if I would teach class on New Year’s Day, and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Not because I was in town and had no plans for New Years Eve other than the plan to stay home, drink tea, snuggle with my main man (King!) and catch up on some much needed “Zzz’s” by hitting the sack at 8pm. No, no, no...I jumped at teaching because to me I am always so incredibly honored to share my teachings in the yoga room, and especially on the precious day of January 1st.

I spent a good week contemplating and meditating on what my offering would be to my students. And really, what I mean by that is I spent a week surrendering myself – letting go of whatever my ego wanted to teach – so that I could open up to RECEIVE the teachings from my inner guidance system. As I got myself out of the way, I received the inspiration and direction for a radical heart opening class. Peak pose? Handstand Scorpion, baby! (Against the wall...against the wall, of course.)

So I’m dyin’ to know, how many of you set intentions, goals or resolutions for 2017? I’m obviously curious about what those are, but in all honesty, I’m more interested in where that intention/goal/commitment/resolution was conceived?

Is your intention for 2017 conceived out of awakened consciousness or out of the ego?

Hmm...right? Please allow me to explain.

Typically all “resolutions” can be funneled into two categories (which are really one of the same, but to begin let’s simplify and break ‘em up into two. You know I got your back, wink!)

First, people often make a commitment to “GAIN” something, yes? Someone might make a resolution to “gain” work, relationships, travel, money, business opportunities, a healthy/sexy body, joy, inner peace, laughter, love, play, etc. We clear? Good, that’s the easy one.

The second group of resolutions are centered around “GIVING UP” something. Someone might choose to give up coffee (ummm...I’d rather cut off my arm then give up my Nespresso machine), animal meat, negative behavioral patterns, conditioned emotional reactions, swearing, running late, you name it. Yes?

Okay, but here’s the underlying energy behind this so-called “giving up.”

People make resolutions to GIVE UP something, but they are giving up one thing to GAIN something else.

Interesting, right? (The bright red flashing light indicating “attachment” just starting blinking in my mind’s eye.) Ask anyone who has made a resolution to “give up” something why they chose that particular thing and you will discover, woven into their reasoning, their “desire” to gain an internal or external experience.

So you see, regardless if you are giving up something or committing to gain something in your experience of life, resolutions are most often conceived out of DESIRE. Duh duh duh....!!!!! EGO!

Alright, friends, so here’s what is so important to comprehend if we choose to make any resolutions for 2017.

You are already completely full inside. There is nothing to gain!

Spirituality isn’t about GAINING anything. It is about shedding anything and everything that isn’t in highest vibrational alignment to your True Being.

In the Yoga philosophy there is a Sanskrit term “purna,” which means absolute fullness. Purna relates to the fullness we will experience when we awaken to and sit in the seat our True Being. The absolute Truth is...we are so full inside that there couldn’t even be a hint (not even a little, tiny, baby, infra decimal HINT) of lack. Read that again!

At the core of who you really are are SO full there couldn’t even be a hint of lack.

Wow. Right? Whew...breathe that in, my love. Pause. Enjoy the sweet taste of Truth.

So sweet friend, now the question becomes:

If you came to fully comprehend this and tasted the sweet nectar of your profound fullness, what resolution would you make for 2017?

If you realized in this moment, fully awoke to the Truth of the infinte purna within you – that there is nothing for you to ever gain outside of yourself – would your intention/resolution be ANNNYYY different than the one you have already made? If it is, that is a clear sign that your original intention was conceived out of the ego.

The moment we move into “gain” (highlighted in both the receiving and the giving up intentions) we have abandoned this inner dwelling place of purna and have instantly realigned with the ego. The ego is one hungry mo fo – it will use every single experience of life to feed its insatiable and desirous hunger.

When intentions are conceived out of the ego they feed only the ego. And when the ego is fed, what does it do? Eats more!!!! No matter if you “achieve” these egoic intentions or goals perfectly, you will have still missed the mark. Regardless of how much the ego gains, true everlasting qualities of our True Being will remain in the shadows of our sleepy consciousness.

No matter how much we gain in the realm of the ego, Shantaya, Purna, Ananda, Moksha – Ultimate Peace, Profound Fulfillment, Infinite Bliss, and Absolute Freedom – will continue to be in the outer reaches of our experience. These qualities are only accessed from nourishing the True Being and awakening the consciousness.

So we can see that there is no egoic intention, commitment, resolution or goal that will bring to us the gift of awakening the consciousness. It’s impossible. Miracles do not enter into our experience due to a call from the ego. Period. And in the moment we realize this, we instantly become closer to that which our heart truly longs for. No, not the world's largest bank account of Mr. Right Now – get your mind outta the gutter! Our heart truly longs for the completion of our individual soul’s mission and an awakening of the consciousness.

Here’s a little secret. Everything the ego desires and lusts over will not provide profound fulfillment. BUT! There is a but! You can peel back every single egoic desire, every single dream or want you have, peel it all the way back to discover that what you really long for is the result of the awakening of the consciousness in that particular area. It’s not the job, the bank account, the Mercedes, Prince Charming, an army of children, blah, blah, blah, that will tap you into the profound fulfillment – purna – at your essence. The ego only desires these things because it craves FULFILLMENT. It craves fulfillment because you are disconnected from the purna within you!! So hello?!?!?! If we want to transcend the hamster wheel of egoic desires and truly live a life that is profoundly fulfilled we must focus on awakening the consciousness and tapping into the purna held within it.

I hope you are as pumped up as I am about this! So, I’m sure you’re do we awaken the consciousness? Well, I’m sorry to isn’t prestigious or glamorous, hopefully you weren’t expecting it to be.

We awaken the consciousness through absolute, total, and radical personal surrender.

Surrender to me is the only valuable resolution or intention to ever commit to. And I mean ABSOLUTE surrender. Most people say they are surrendered but you’ll find that they are “surrendering” with a plethora of contingencies and bargaining from the ego. WAKE UP! This is NOT surrender. Just like Truth can only be Truth if it is 100%...same applies to surrender. You can’t be 99% surrendered, you gotta be 100%, baby!!

When we surrender, we soften our effortful personal will, we give up our ego and allllll its wants/desires, and rather we melt the heart back into the hands of the Universe. We surrender back towards being held and guided every step of the way. Surrender requires us to resist the urge to rely on our effortful personal will to make shit happen in our lives. Surrender is about opening our hearts – even so much as devotionally offering our hearts – to the Divine.

The resolution to 100% surrender (without bargaining from the ego) will nourish your True Being, awaken your consciousness and open you up to miracles like you never even considered possible.

So please, in 2017...get the hell out of your own way. Please. Surrender.

Namaste peeps!