Valuing Joy Above Success

At the moment, I’m editing my fourth book and have been working on a section the past few days about the power joy has in opening our hearts to miracles. Some people commonly misinterpret joy for happiness. The two are very different though. Happiness is based on conditions. Joy is your True Nature. Happiness is fluctuating. Joy is ever-present.  Happiness is temporary. Joy is infinite.

Joy transcends all conditions, where happiness comes and goes based on circumstance.

A lot of times, as movers and shakers in an urban society, we set goals to accomplish and spend a lot of time and energy diligently working towards achieving them. Whether it is getting into shape, making money, saving money, writing a book, starting a business, getting into relationship, etc. I believe that no matter where we are along the journey of reaching our “goals” it is unbelievably important to dwell in a state of joy.  

I believe that when we are unable to find joy in this very moment, no matter what we are working towards, we are out of alignment.

If you can’t find joy in the path that you are on and what you are walking toward now, then how do you expect to find joy once you get there?”

You actually can't find joy. It isn't created by anything outside of you. It is only tapped into and resourced from alignment with your Truth. Isn’t that powerful? I certainly think so.

People can commonly get wires crossed in their heads, believing that once they achieve, gain or obtain something they are going to feel fulfilled and joyful. They might feel happiness, accomplished, proud…but joy is never created from something outside of one self. 

The absolute Truth is there is nothing for you to achieve, gain or obtain. Everything you desire for a joyously fulfilled life already exists inside of you. Everything.

The concept of awakening this joy inside of you is simply explained through the Sanskrit term satcitanada. According to Wikipedia, satcitanada can be translated to “truth, knowingness, bliss.”

When you remember (knowingness) your True Self (truth) you experience joy (bliss).

Satcitanada has become my equation for profound, personal fulfillment and joy. For me, when I live my life in a remembrance of my Truth and allow the wellspring of joy to emerge from the depths of my heart I get a deep sense that I am living out my purpose in life.


Take that in. For me…my experience…when I am aware of who I really am inside I am so joyful (regardless of what I have achieved professionally and personally) that in those moments I am fully living out my purpose of existence. MIND-BLOWING!

You don’t have to wait to obtain anything or achieve something before you live a joyful life. In fact, I believe we often lose sight of our innate purpose for being here when we are not awakened to the joy of our True Nature as we work towards our earthly goals and dreams. We lose sight of what really matters and what we value most when we get lost in the continuous, hypnotic trance of the hamster wheel or the never ending rat-race.

It’s simple to tell if you are on point and in alignment in your relationships, work, efforts and goals – are you joyful? Do you laugh? Smile? Do you feel full in your heart each night when you fall asleep? Do you wake up giggling on the inside anticipating another magical day on Earth?

If you don’t have joy now, moving towards all the things you desire, how do you expect to have joy once you get there? Joy is not something that can be obtained…it is only unlocked through living in exquisite alignment with the recognition of your auspicious divinity. Joy naturally flows when you remember who you really are.

Joy is a sign that you are not only in alignment with your purpose but also that your heart is open to miracles.