"Resistance is a sign of the potential for deep transformation." - Lex Ferrier

Energy Therapy combines emotional healing, energy clearing, and empowered living practices to help individuals find the deepest alignment possible with their limitless, True self. 


Lex's Lockpicking Video

The truth is...you really do have the keys to unlock your greatest potential. Stop searching for someone else to hand you the key to happiness and fulfillment - instead, learn the skill of "picking your own locks!"

Watch Lex's Video: The Truth Behind Picking Locks


ET101 Online

The Energy Therapy 101 (ET101) is the perfect starting point for beginners in the realm of energy and emotional healing as well as those who need to regain balance, clarity and alignment ASAP. 

Join others along a 6-Week journey of unlocking your deepest potential through alignment and self-powered healing. 


One on One

Lex's Energy Therapy Program offers support, inspiration and guidance for breakthroughs and radical transformations of your inner and outer world. 

  • Healing Brokenheartedness
  • Identify misalignments/energy drains
  • Energy & emotional clearing
  • Releasing guilt/shame/blocks
  • Integration of emotional triggers
  • Clearing old patterns and habits that keep you stuck 
  • Creating an aligned vision to what you truly want
  • Personal practices developed to help pick the locks to love, happiness, prosperity, freedom, fulfillment, etc.