Energy Therapy includes emotional healing, energy clearing and empowered living practices. This ultimately unleashes the limitless power and potential within your heart leading to revelations, purposeful living and unconditional love.

Energy Therapy Session
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Energy Therapy Sessions

Energy can neither be created or destroyed - having optimal energy flow is essential to embracing a happy, fulfilled life.        How do you choose to spend your energy?

Energy Therapy Sessions are 90minutes and are completely client directed - meaning whatever you show up with, is what you're going to work on. 

Lex uses the philosophies and practices of Yoga, such as meditation and visualization, to help ground, center and plug you back into yourself. From there, Lex calls upon her Energy Therapy tools to help you identify disconnections within yourself, which cause depression, sadness, confusion and heaviness. 

Energy Therapy sessions include emotional healing, energy clearing and the teachings of empowered living skills and tools. These sessions teach you how to take responsibility for your emotions and your energy and how the both of these affect the quality of your life. 

Lex created a process that assists in identifying and clearing negative patterns, programmings and emotions. This process, combined with different aspects of her Yoga Therapy background, helps clients gain a new perspective around how to navigate through the locked doors and blocks they are currently experiencing.

After just one Energy Therapy session you can expect to feel grounded, clear, awakened, confident and passionate about pursuing your dreams. You WILL feel supported, as well as lighter knowing that you truly do have all the keys to unlock any door that is keeping you stuck. 


Here are a few things people have had to say about it:

I recently went to Lex Ferrier for consultation and found the meeting truly inspirational. Prior to our meeting, I questioned how the conversation would flow and I was delighted to find the interaction both educational and enlightening. Lex exudes confidence when she delivers her message and she has the ability to tailor her insight to reflect your personal life experience. Lex offers superior coaching and makes valid suggestions when guiding you on how to best approach obstacles you are currently facing. I recommend Lex’s services for anyone who is seeking guidance in any of life’s challenges or if you desire a spiritual experience. You will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of each session and feel better about who you are and your own personal story, as it unfolds. - Elizabeth S.

Having a session with Lex helped me find clarity given the confusing nature of my circumstance. During the 90 minutes I was able to identify what it is within myself that needs to be worked through and healed, and I made a decision with confidence to move in the direction of my heart without any hesitation. Her unique method for integration helped me identify exactly what it is I'm choosing to call into my life, and how my decisions in the past had created the present circumstance. She helped me find the precise and concise language to feel the energy behind the qualities I'm working on within myself in order to attract the same qualities into my life. Lex is the heart quality queen, or the queen of hearts, because she absolutely embodies what she teaches with every ounce of her being. The technique she had developed and used with me provided more benefit and clarity than I could have ever imagined possible in one session. I left with the tools and understanding of how to continue the integration process of healing and identify where those tools can be accessed again on a daily basis to continue moving in the direction of my heart. I can't thank Lex enough for the peace of mind, profound clarity and empowerment I received from our session. I would recommend her Energy Therapy process to you no matter what situation you're experiencing, even if only to learn the powerful tools she teaches for accessing your highest truth and embodying your greatest expression in the moment and in your life. - Ahlia H.   

Lex has the ability to deeply listen and soulfully discern other's stories. She uses her amazing intuition and playful guidance to help you find your truth and make lasting change in the way you see yourself and your life. She is lovely!  - Amanda J.