Alexis Ferrier offers teachings on awakening the consciousness, self-realization and enlightenment in a form that is digestible for the masses. Her practical approach to healing and expansion makes the spiritual path accessible to men and women of all ages – grounding the ethereal and esoteric teachings of the masters into 21st century principles for the urban mystic.

Lex truly has unbridled passion for illuminating the journey of the soul, the healing of the heart and our return to the Oneness. This passion easily shines through as she effortlessly and gracefully delivers her teachings from a place of deep understanding, compassion and Love.



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30 Days to a Miracle: An Experiment with Prayer Quotes

"Along this path of ultimate personal surrender, pain is nonnegotiable, suffering is optional."

"We can’t know everything because in every single second what there is to know, comprehend and understand regarding divine purpose, enlightenment and self-realization is expanding." 

"There is really no way for us to ever step off our path if our hearts are open."

"The guidance you need to continue walking your path will be revealed. It will come! Do not worry. All the other whispers you can ignore. You will be shown, and your direction will be clear. Your guidance will come. I promise."

"In my experience, self-realization and expansion all come down to the dedication and devotion one applies to a spiritual practice, whatever he/she chooses that to be."

"Every event in your life is orchestrated as an opportunity for you to recognize and remember the essence of Divine Love."