“My offering as a Spiritual Teacher is to illuminate one’s path towards remembering, reconnecting and resourcing the power of one’s spiritual self, which I refer to as one’s True Nature.” – Lex Ferrier


3 Month Life Program

This 3 Month Life Program offers support, inspiration and guidance for breakthroughs and radical transformations of your inner and outer worlds. 

  • Healing Brokenheartedness
  • Identify misalignments/energy drains
  • Energy and emotional clearing
  • Releasing guilt/shame/blocks
  • Integration of emotional triggers
  • Clearing old patterns and habits
  • Creating an aligned vision
  • Personal practices developed to pick the locks of love, joy, prosperity, freedom, fulfillment, etc. 


Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy sessions are offered one on one and designed to help ground you in the Truth of who you are, resource the wisdom inside of you, and take back your power to align gracefully with what's unfolding in your life. These practices teach you how to "pick the locks" of the doors that stand between you and the life you always dreamed of living.  

Sacred Space

Are you at a pivotal juncture along your journey? Is it time to turn the page and move into what's next? Do you sense that a big change is right around the corner? A Sacred Space Ceremony helps to get "intentional" on what it is you're calling into your world.