As a society, we have drastically pulled away from the old ways and teachings of the masters. Somewhere along the way we shifted gears from enlightenment to entitlement and wonder why we struggle with feelings of disappointment, anxiety, separativity, faithlessness and heartache. 

The Inner Path is the solution to our suffering.

Everyone is on a spiritual path whether they acknowledge it or not - the Inner Path. The ancient teachings of the yogis and masters offer us a “glimpse” into the importance of this path and how it can reveal to us who we are, what the purpose of all "this" is, and most importantly, how to live today with peace, fulfillment & joy within our hearts.

Unfortunately, the Typical deliverance of these philosophical teachings can be as dusty as the books themselves.

The teachings just end up being the cure for our insomnia - instead of waking us up, they put us to slee...liTerally!

Alexis’s teaching style has always been to deliver these esoteric and philosophical principles in a way that is both digestible and enjoyable for the urban yogi in modern times.

This free monthly talk will shed light on practices and principles of the yogic path that are easily applied to your urban life and when implemented can have a profound impact on increasing levels of joy, inner peace and personal fulfillment.

Philosophy Hour pulls form the following lineages and practices: 

·      Advaita Vedanta 

·      Anusara Teachings

·      Tantric Philosophy

·      Hindu Mythology

·      Meditation Practices

·      Breath Techniques

·      Mantralization

·      Quarterly Puja Ceremonies

Dates, Times & Locations:

7pm- 8pm: Evolve Yoga & Movement in Encinitas, CA

Oct 13th: Who am I? Foundational Teachings on the I AM Presence

Nov 10th: The Light of Awareness: Understanding Levels of Consciousness

Dec 8th: Nitya & Lila: The Great Cosmic Play

Jan 12th: Ganesh Puja & Hindu Mythology

Feb 9th: The Four Supreme States of Love: A Buddhist Perspective

Mar 9th: The Malas: Transcending the Illusions of Separateness, Incapability and Unworthiness. 

All talks are free to both Evolve members and the public. Please come and if it resonates leave a donation. Namaste.