The Inner Path: The Urban Mystic's Quest for Meaning

Everyone is on a spiritual path whether they realize it or not – the Inner Path. Somewhere along the way though, our society has become much more focused on the outer path, preoccupied with materialism rather than mysticism, manicures over mantras, and social media instead of meditation.

We’ve strengthened the muscles of entitlement rather than enlightenment, and as a result experience a lack of profound purpose and meaning in our lives.

The solution to our collective state of consciousness isn’t to deny the pleasures we experience in contemporary life, or give it all up (coffee, cashmere & crystals included) and move to a mountaintop in the Himalayas in order to reach enlightenment.

We actually don’t have to deny either path! As modern yogis our intention becomes one of harmonizing the physical and the spiritual – the outer and inner paths – and living in the sweet spot of intersection of the two, the sweet spot of profound meaning, purpose and unbridled joy.

This is the Quest of the Urban Mystic.

The Inner Path - 3 Workshop Series: Practice, Philosophy & Puja



Sweat, Groove & Levitate...

Practice: Sweat, Groove & Levitate... 

Finding this sweet spot – the intersection of the inner and outer paths – is easily practiced on the mat utilizing the Anusara teachings of focal points. Focal points - our metaphorical sweet spot – are activated centers of power in the body. The understanding and application of these teachings will not only strengthen your practice, but “sweet spot” work will ground & stabilize you, take you deeper into the posture, and help you fly!!  (HINT HINT!)

Come prepared to sweat, move, groove, go upside down and above all us, tap into the sweet spot of who you reallllllly truly are, unbridled Joy...ananda. And let me tell ya, there ain’t nothin’ sweeter than the nectar of bliss. (1.5 hour asana practice)

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Philosophy Hour:

Old Skool Teachings for the Modern Yogi

Philosophy Hour: Old Skool Teachings for the Modern Yogi

The ancient teachings of the yogis and masters offer us a “glimpse” into the importance of the Inner Path, and how it can reveal to us who we really are, what the purpose of all "this" is, and most importantly, how to live today with peace, fulfillment & joy within our hearts.

Unfortunately, the typical deliverance of these philosophical teachings can be as dusty as the books themselves. The teachings just end up being the cure for our insomnia - instead of waking us up, they put us to sleep...literally!

This talk pulls inspiration and teachings from many lineages & practices: Advaita Vedanta, Anusara, Tantra, and more. Alexis delivers these esoteric and philosophical principles in a way that is both digestible and enjoyable for the urban yogi in modern times. (1 hour discussion)



Ganesh Got Yo Back!

Puja: Ganesh Got Yo Back!

Ganesh, the elephant headed deity, is everyone’s homeboy in India! In addition to his popularity, he is always the first to be worshipped in puja because he is the remover of all obstacles. Since Ganesh is a provided of wealth, knowledge and prosperity, chanting his 108 names makes him very happy (Yes, we prey on his vanity, but he loves it!) before asking him to remove the obstacles we are currently facing in our lives.

Puja is an ancient physical form of worship and is performed to bring out the devotee within oneself, to express gratitude, and to connect to the all-pervading energy of the Universe – whatever you believe that to be. (1 hour ceremony & discussion)


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