Express Yourself - WITHOUT APOLOGY!

I’m nearing a milestone birthday and as I look back at this past decade, one of the things that truly stands out to me is the evolution of my embodiment. In a decade, I went from completely hating my body (understatement) to truly feeling like a goddess…the Queen of my Queendom! I feel empowered by my embodiment instead of disempowered.
This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with the size and shape of my actually physical body, and when I refer to myself as a goddess, it is not descriptive of what is on the outside, but what is on the inside. Power!
My teenage years I spent battling an eating disorder and other severe self-destructive behaviors. My 20's have pretty much been about healing the wounds of my heart and the karma associated with the intense chaos and misalignment of my teens.
Now as I turn the corner and enter my 30's, I got to say – I am BEYOND excited. I am entering into a new period of my life where for the first time I feel completely accepting and embracing of the power in my embodiment…I feel completely free to fully express myself authentically and uniquely…WITHOUT APOLOGY!
I credit my daily, morning sadhana and my Yoga practice to this evolution of my embodiment. My path of self-realization has taught me to embrace who I am THIS DAY, wholeheartedly, and to harness the power within me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you in this moment! You have no shortcomings, no internal flaws...the question is only, "Are you in alignment with your True Self and the wellspring of power, wisdom and joy found there?"
A lot of times people confuse this spiritual path of “enlightenment” and “expansion” with abandoning everything in the material world and moving to a mountaintop to meditate for the rest of one’s days. This could very well be your path (Not the hell mine - unless that mountaintop has a large accessory closet and top shelf tequila!) One of the greatest lessons I am taking into my 30's is that my spiritual path is about waking up to my unique, gifts, talents and abilities and perfecting them. It isn't about becoming a monk or a nun...but about perfecting "Lex's" expression of herself - which is really my unique expression of LOVE.

The spiritual path is about embracing the most precious parts of yourself – no matter how quirky, weird or unacceptable – and turning them into your greatest assets. This path is about freely EXPRESSING your most authentic self with the world WITHOUT APOLOGY!

I believe part of our purpose is to FREELY EXPRESS OURSELVES in whatever way makes our hearts sing and our bodies groove. If that's selling all your belongings and moving to a hut, then please, please...GO! I'll be thinking of you as I turn 30 and freely express myself with an obnoxious amount of champagne and shopping. NO APOLOGY!