Tantric Yoga: Celebrating the Sacred Union Between Masculine & Feminine

Watch out guys...we’re getting R rated this week.

So I just gotta ask you? Ya know how there is all this talk about the asana practice of Yoga being a reflection of life? That what happens within the four corners of one’s mat, is a microcosm of the macrocosm of life? The practice and philosophy of yoga supports the belief that what is True in the individual is also True in the whole, right?

Then why is it, that out of the 5,000 or so yoga classes I’ve taken in the decade I’ve been practicing, why is it that I’ve never, not even once, taking a class about sacred sexual union?

Whoa, whoa, whoa – before you label me into a specific category or allow your mind to run loose calling me a bunch names you’d never say in front of your children, take a deep breath, and chill out. No nudity or “OMing” is involved in what I’m referring to.

Sex is easily the most spoken about subject. Maybe not the downright nitty gritty details of the instinctual act, but the world is obsessed with preparing for this passionate rendezvous. The nail painting, the perfume squirting, the haircuts, etc. are all in some way because of sex. Right? Come on, let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s true!

Think about it. Sex energy is creation! How can we practice yoga and really integrate the philosophical teachings if we ignore the power of creation! It’s mind-blowing to me that after a decade of practicing asana, absorbing the teachings and studying both the Tantric & Vedantic philosophies of Yoga, I am just NOW embarking on addressing this concept of sex in Yoga.  (hahahaha, maybe because finally I couldn’t care less about pleasing or pissing off your ego).

Sex isn’t taboo. Sex energy is the creative force of the cosmos!!! It’s SO sacred. What isn’t sacred is when we use our sexual energy to feed the desires of the ego – such as its endless grasping to satisfy desire and lust – vs. accessing the sexual energy to come together in a state of consciousness, holding the sacredness of this great Union at the forefront of our hearts, minds and bodies.

A few weeks ago in Yoga, during my practice I had a total epiphany:

I am making love to myself on my Yoga mat.

OMG, mindblowing, passionate, intense, intimate sacred union! Hahah, no wonder my best friend recently told me how much he enjoys practicing next to me.

Again...I’d like to offer a loving reminder to calm down before you decide to report me to Yoga Alliance. Just take a deep breath, relax, soften you gaze, let go of any holding in your heart and listen...really listen.

I hate being in the front row during Yoga smashed up against the mirrors. I really do. I’d prefer to be slightly back behind the scenes. But a few weeks ago, for some reason, which was unknown to me at the time, Divine orchestration plopped me right in the front row, day after day after day. I shared with one of the teachers how I just hate the front row – “total stage fright” I joked.  She said to me, “Just look at yourself in the eyes.” “Just look into my own eyes, yes I can do that,” I thought to myself.

So my practice began with eye-gazing, into my own eyes, into my own soul. It was romantic, intimate and beautiful. The asana practice started and it started slow, encouraging and promoting relaxation before there was any engagement. Also, the beginning of these classes were all completely centered around coming into my own center. So I started to pull all the tendrils of my awareness into the focal point that was active, which happened to be the core of the pelvis – the sacred power center of my womb.

Then the classes began to build in energy. Slowly, not too much, not too fast. I noticed that my masculine was containing my feminine energy – the Shakti, the power. My masculine side wasn’t smothering her, suppressing her in any way, but rather he was the container for her to truly unfold herself in, multiplying her power within herself.

Then I noticed that the spanda – pulsation – of energy started to build. The magnetic and electrical energies (feminine and masculine) started to pulsate in and out of the active focal point, which in all standing poses is the core of pelvis. I noticed and deeply felt into how my womb was holding the coming together of this pulsation. The beauty of this sacred union was emerging in my own eyes, as I never lost my drishti, my gaze hypnotized and in a trance with what I saw deep within the windows of my own eyes. I noticed that my eyes were actually changing. A fire was lit inside – tejase it is called. 

I caught myself being very focused on how the magnetic and electrical energies – masculine and feminine or in Anusara Yoga referred to as muscle and organic energies – were coming together. I started to delicately unite the two in a split second of union, then over time, the pulsation of energy – hugging in and stretching out – didn’t happen separately or apart from one another, but they merged as One. OMG, talk about orgasmic!

As the energies merged, I then shifted the tendrils of my awareness to harmonizing the left and right sides of my body – the feminine and masculine sides, the lunar and solar sides. I focused on the feeling I had inside when I brought these together in Union, which is not accomplished by effort, but rather about smoothing things out and relaxing into the Beingness of the body.

I realized as we reached the “peak,” the purna huiti moment of class, that I really didn’t care where we were in the sequence or class, as the peak pose no longer became the goal of the class. As in Tantra, there is absolutely no goal because absolute beingness cannot be a goal.

At the very end, as I laid myself down in Savasana in total surrender I was held by myself....ahahhahah, “after cuddles!” There was absolute stillness, absolute perfection.

I experienced a sensual love affair that gave birth to the sacred union of Shiva & Shakti within my own heart- the total integration of my masculine and feminine sides. In that moment, I was complete. There was Oneness. There was Yoga. I am so grateful. Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

When we make Love consciously, we actually experience ourselves being more loving and therefore more lovable. 

PS: There is just SOOO much to share about the parallels between the practice of asana and the Tantric practices for sacred union. I'm so inspired that I'll be sharing them in a ebook format and offering a workshop for those interested in diving deeper into their own Self through sacred sexual union. Stay Tuned - Muah! 

Om Parásaktiya Namah!