Blessings for 2019

I’m not someone who is for or against New Year’s resolutions, yet I do find it important to pay attention to the energy one places behind whatever intention or commitment they make. When we make choices or take actions that come from a limited or constricted place within us our intentions are essentially meaningless.

An intention or commitment is just like a yoga posture - and as I continually remind my students, the poses themselves are meaningless. Absolutely f’in meaningless!! Basically they are shapes we take with the body that we have assigned English animal names to (WTF, right?). BUT…what makes them meaningful is YOU. It is when you fully embody the pose within a moment do you find meaning on the mat.

It is the same with any intention or commitment, they are meaningless unless you allow there to be a genuine movement from the heart behind them, which is the force that brings them ALIVE.

Remind yourself why you are making your intention or commitment, not once on January 1st, but in all the simple moments of your day. Allow this “why” to emerge from the spaciousness and unparalleled power of your heart so that when you do face adversity or shit hits the fan, you have the movement of the heart BEHIND your intention and commitment to carry you through. There is no greater power than the power of the heart, so please sweet friends, whatever it is you do, invest a movement from the heart into it. And just watch, you’ll come alive in ways you would have never expected.

As for me, well…if I had to choose an intention for 2019 it would be the same honest wish I have for you. For us all to COME FULLY ALIVE. How do we do that? To allow the truthfilled movement of our hearts to be our primary guide.

When you remind yourself of what is meaningful to you, you will become automatically connected to the cave of your heart - the infinite temple within.

Here is a New Year’s blessing I wrote, which will be included in my new book - Auspicious Openings (back from the editor, waiting on the cover - yay). These words are my gift to you, because what is meaningful to me as a teacher, is to inspire my students to clear their minds where they are blocked or agitated. To release in their bodies where they feel tight and trapped. And above all else, to soften where they feel hardened so they may open their hearts wherever they feel closed.

This year, come alive with me and “lets go somewhere wonderful we could have never imagined.”


lex xox


A New Year’s Blessing


As you close the chapter of another year,

Take note that every closing is actually an opening.

For now, you metaphorically say goodbye to a year that has come and gone,

Yet deep down nothing is leaving you.

For years come and go, 

Just like the waves rise and fall in the infinite sea, 

Yet you lose nothing by it all.


As you scan the horizon with your gaze,

Drinking in the resplendence of this year’s last setting sun, 

May a wellspring of eagerness, excitement,

And auspicious wonder overtake you.

There is a new adventure that awaits...

It is here.

Open your heart to it.

You are ready.

This new adventure is called 2019.

So open extra-wide, embrace the unknown and

Welcome the possibility of being surprised & delighted!

 Let’s go somewhere wonderful we could have never imagined.


And in this New Year,

May each step you take be on a golden-lit path.

May each hand you hold feel the warmth of your compassion.

May each word you speak spread kindness & clarity.

May each thought that surfaces come from the remembrance of

Who you really are...

An infinite ocean, that loses nothing from the passing waves at sea.

And each day when your eyes open, 

May you embark on the adventure of a new day with reverence, humility & fortitude.



May you find patience in the moments when you are quick to act.

May you find wisdom in places you feel disillusioned.

May you find strength in situations where you identify with fragility.

May you find courage to stay OPEN when your heart wants to close.


And most importantly, 

May you see only Love everywhere you look.